Private Label

The Private Label model has become a trend in the current market, as it allows a company to customize its products, including its logo, without needing to invest in a production structure. La Marca Sorvetes, as a specialist in artisanal ice cream and açaí, offers the opportunity for companies to create their own line of personalized products, adding value to the customers.

Adopting the Private Label model with La Marca Sorvetes, the client becomes a “own brand” retailer, which provides it with significant commercial advantages over its competitors. He can offer exclusive products with his brand, increasing his profit margin without having to invest in machinery and specialized labor.

For this reason, it has become increasingly common to find supermarkets and stores selling a variety of products under their own brands, many of which are manufactured through Private Label in partnership with specialized companies, such as La Marca Sorvetes. This strategy not only allows companies to expand their product portfolio, but also strengthens their brand identity and customer loyalty.

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