Caring for our customers comes first, therefore, we do not use trans fat in our recipes. In addition to water-based popsicles, we also have creamy milk-based popsicles. We select the best ingredients to guarantee the quality and incomparable flavor of our products. Our recipes are carefully prepared, combining fresh fruit, filtered water and sugar or milk, resulting in delicious and healthy products for the whole family. La Marca Sorvetes is proud to offer a variety of high-quality popsicles, made with care and dedication.

Fresh Line

The experience of tasting fruit in the form of a popsicle.

Milk Line

The classic popsicles that enchant the whole world.

Kids Line

Childhood translated into affective memories.

Skimo Line

Lots of chocolate cover to brighten up your life.

Premium Line

The refinement and delicacy of an ice cream on a stick.

Zero Line

The freedom of choice.