About US

Who We are?

In 1998, Mr. Clemar and Mrs. Maria started producing artisanal popsicles and ice cream but had to abandon the business for social and personal reasons. His recipes, however, were guarded with great care and in 2018, his two daughters, paying attention to the market, decided to revive this old dream, including açaí.

This is how La Marca Sorvetes was born, a company from Espirito Santo that uses the best ingredients on the market, guaranteeing the quality and flavor of its products. At La Marca Sorvetes you have the opportunity to purchase products with a premium standard that bring with them the taste of childhood and family tradition.

La Marca Sorvetes is not just a company, it is a story of love and dedication to the production of ice creams and popsicles that delight generations. We are committed to offering you a unique experience that goes beyond taste, but also celebrates tradition and quality.

Our Mission

Produce a quality product that meets customer expectations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a major producer of Popsicle, Ice Cream and Açaí in Brazil.

Our Values

  • Quality: Using the best ingredients and processes to guarantee the excellence of our products.
  • Tradition: Preserving and sharing the flavor and family history in each ice cream and popsicle.
  • Social Responsibility: Contribute to important social causes, promoting a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Social Projects

We fight for a happier and fairer world! To achieve this, we have developed some social projects that can change time to time.

BASIC FOOD BASKETS: We believe that as important as feeding the body is feeding our spirit. Therefore, for 2 and a half years, basic food baskets were delivered to the local community, sharing the word of God and distributing our products free of charge to families registered in the project.

TROLLEY OF JOY: Every month, La Marca’s cart goes to hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, etc. bringing joy and donating popsicles to people who need comfort in the face of difficulties.


SOLAR ENERGY: Committed to offering the best for future generations, our factory chose to use Solar Energy, which uses sustainable technology.

REFORESTED WOOD: In respect for the Environment, our company chose to use popsicle sticks made from reforested wood.

RECYCLING: We offer a support and cooperation network for workers who collect recyclable material, with access to discarded cardboard and the right to taste our products at will.